Current Graduate Students


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Abdelaal, Fady Long term performance of primary barriers PhD  R.K. Rowe
Abdelatty, Khaled(completed, '10) Environmental implication of the effects of holes in the geomembranes on the performance of geosynthetic clay liner GCL. PhD R.K. Rowe
Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed T. (Completed '00) Nonlinear Behaviour of Cylindrical Shells Containing Elastic Solids PhD I.Moore
Abdel-Meguid, Mohamed  3-D Aspects of Tunneling PhD K. Rowe
Acheson, Barbara   The Role of Silicate Weathering in Acid Neutralization in Mine Waste from Geco, NW Ontario  PhD H. Jamieson
Ahmed,  Syed   Behaviour of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) under Extreme Conditions PhD K. Rowe
Akabzaa, Thomas (completed '05) Evaluation of metal leaching and rock drainage risks in the Nsuta-Tarkwa-Bogosu-Prestea Mining Axis, Southwestern Ghana PhD H. Jamieson& two others
Almahakeri, Mohamed, (completed '13) (Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, IN) Stability of buried steel and glass fibre reinforced polymer pipes under lateral ground movement PhD I. Moore& A. Fam
Ampiah, Nancy Eduafoa (completed '08) profile of Nancy Effect of geometric imperfections (wrinkles) on the circumferential strength of a composite polymer liner for pressure pipes MSc I. Moore& A. Fam
Andrade, Claudio (completed '06) Arsenic cycling and speciation in mining-impacted sediments and pore-waters from Yellowknife Bay, Great Slave Lake, NWT MSc H. Jamieson
Apel, D. (Completed '98)  Evaluation of Steel Rock Supports as Waveguides for Transmitting High Frequency Emissions PhD J.F. Archibald


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Babcock, Dan An Evaluation of Model Parameters for Cloggin of Coarse Drainage Material and Tire Shreds in Landfill LCS MSc K. Rowe
Badran, F. (completed '09)   PhD K. Rowe
Baidoe, J.  Mitigation of Rockburst Damage by Use of Thin Spray-On Liner Supports Goldfields MASc J.F. Archibald  
Balkaya, Muge (completed '10) (Istanbul Technical University) Investigation of the Pipe-Soil Interaction around Continuous and Jointed Pipes PhD I. Moore
Bandler, Andrew The Structural Capacity of Repaired Manholes MSc R. Brachman
Banton, Cathy Numerical Modelling of Shotcrete Failure Mechanisms MSc J. Hutchinson& M. Diederichs
Basso, Tina (completed '12) An Investigation into Sustainable Building Evaluation Strategies for use within the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence MES N. Vlachopoulos
Baumert, Michael  Pulling Forces on HDPE Pipes Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling (University of Western Ontario) PhD I. Moore(with E. Allouche)
Bayona, Luis (completed, '09)   MSc K. Novakowski
Becerill, David (completed, '12) Investigation of Culvert Joints Employing Large Scale Tests and Numerical Simulations PhD I. Moore
Beddoe, Ryley (Completed '15) Evaluating trigger mechanisms of static liquefaction through centrifuge models and large-scale tests PhD A. Takeand R.K. Rowe
Birnie, Keith Mine Layout Design in a Complex Multi-Vein Deposit MSc S.D. McKinnon
Bostwick, Laura (completed, '09) Laboratory study of geosynthetic clay liner Shrinkage when subjected to wet/dry cycles MSc K. Rowe, A. Take& R. Brachman
Boyle, Suzanne (completed '09)   PhD A. Take,
V. Remenda
G. Siemens
Bromstad, MacKenzie Arsenic trioxide in soils near Yellowknife MSc H. Jamieson
Broomfield, D. (Completed '00)  Liquefaction Potential of Paste Backfill MASc J.F. Archibald
Burnett, Alexander (Completed '15) Submarine Pipeline Movement MSc I. Moore& A. Take
Brunt, R. (completed '10) Policy development incorporating bioaccessibility in human health risk assessment MES H. Jamieson
Bryant, Sarah (completed '13) Analysis of centrifuge and large scale flume landslide runout experiments using PIV iImage tracking MSc A. Take
Bucci, Jason Pillar Layout Design for Mining Beneath an Existing Open Pit Mine MSc S.D. McKinnon


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Callery, K. (Completed '00)  Environmental Effects on the Behaviour of Wrapped Concrete Compression Members MASc J.F. Archibald
Carey, P. (completed '08) Mining and Canada's National Parks - Policy Options: A Case study of Nahanni National Park Reserve MES H. Jamieson&
G. Whitelaw
Chan, Jason Y. H.
(Completed '02)
Finite element Analysis of PVC Coupling System MSc I. Moore
Chappel, Melissa (completed '12) Monitoring wrinkles in goemembrane liners PhD R.K. Rowe, R. Brachmanand A. Take
Chehab, Abdul Ghafar (completed '08)
profile of Abdul
Time dependent response of pulled-in-place HDPE pipes PhD I. Moore
Chew, J. (Completed '00)  A Parametric Study of the Factors Affecting the Application of Post-Consumer Waste Glass as an Alternative Cementing Agent in Paste Backfill MSc J.F. Archibald
Cholewa, Johnathan A. (completed '09) profile of John Ground displacements and pipe response during pulled-in-place pipe installation PhD R. Brachman&
I. Moore
Clyde, Erin (completed '08) The applicability of passive treatment systems for the mitigation of acid mine drainage at the Williams brothers mine, Mariposa county, California: Bench- and Pilot-scale studies MSC H. Jamieson&
P. Champagne
Cooke, Andrew  A Model for the Prediction of Clogging in Landfill Leachate Collection Systems PhD K. Rowe
Corrigan, Cathy (Completed '98)  Fracture coatings in clayrich aquitards MSc H. Jamieson&
V. Remenda 
Corriveau, Madeleine
(Completed '06)
Characterization of arsenic-bearing particulates, Nova Scotia MSc H. Jamieson& M. Parsons
Craigen Daniels, Catherine(completed '06) Factors controlling the mobility of arsenic in abondoned gold mine taioings, Nova Scotia MSc H. Jamieson& M. Parsons


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Davoodi-Bilesavar, Roya Physical Modelling of flowslide mobility MSc A. Take
DeGraff , P. (Completed '99)  A Rational Methodology for the Optimization of Cable Bolt Support design at Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Callin and Trout Mines MSc J.F. Archibald
DeGagné, David Numerical Modelling of Dilution and Draw Strategy in Sublevel Cave Mining PhD S.D. McKinnon
de Luca, Michael (Completed '00) Impact of Ammonia on mine water quality as related to explosive uses for underground mining methods MSc J. Hutchinson (Univ. of Waterloo)
Dhar, A.   (Completed '02)  Limit States of profiled thermoplastic pipes under deep burial (University of Western Ontario) PhD I. Moore
Dickinson, Simon(completed '08) Physical Response of GCL PhD R. Brachman
Drysdale, Jessica Biogeochemistry of arsenic in northern wetlands MSc H. Jamieson
Drysdale, Mallory (completed '08) Assessing the respiratory bioaccessibility of nickel in surface soils in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia MSc H. Jamieson


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Eastman, Michael (completed '13) t.b.d. MSc R. Brachman
Elbanna, Mahmoud In-soil stiffness of Geosynthetics MSc R. Bathurst
El-Emam, Magdi Behaviour of Reinforced Soil Wall with Full Height Rigid Panel Facing Under Dynamic Loads PhD R. Bathurst
Elshimi, Tamer (completed '11) (Thurber, Edmonton, AB) The behavior of long span deeply corrugated metal culverts PhD I. Mooreand R. Brachman
El-Taher, Mohamed (completed '09) (Archirodon Construction Co., Egypt) Stability of damaged culverts PhD I. Moore
Elvidge, C. (Completed '00)  Optimum Length of Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Granular Foundation Soil Below Surface Footing MSc G. Raymond
Elwood, David E.Y. (completed '08) profile of Dave Hydraulic fracture experiments in a frictional material and approximations for maximum allowable mud pressure MSc Eng I. Moore
Ezzein, Fawzy Influence of foundation stiffness on reinforced soil wall behaviour MASc R. Bathurst(RMC)


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Falmagne, V. (Completed '01)  Quantification of Rock Mass Degradation Using Microseismic Monitoring - Application for Mine Design PhD J.F. Archibald(with P.K. Kaiser, Laurentian Univ.)
Fawcett, Skya (completed '09) Geochemical controls on antimony mobility PhD H. Jamieson
Fekete, Stephanie Applications of 3d laser scanning in rockmass characterization of underground excavations MSce M. Diederichs
Fernando, V.   (Completed '02) Prediction of pulling length and ground displacement during static pipe bursting MESc I. Moore
Formanek, Paula (Completed '97) Groundwater Quality in Cemeteries MASc B. Kueper
Foster, Jonathan(completed '12) Characterization of Landslide in Leda clays MASc A. Takeand R. Brachman


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Gauthier, Marie  (Completed '02) Alcohol Flooding of Rock Fractures MSc B. Kueper
Gerhard, Jason  (Completed '02) Time Scales of DNAPL Migration PhD B. Kueper
Gilliss, S. Insitu Testing of Chemical Grout MEng R. Brachman
Gleeson, Tom (completed '09)   PhD K. Novakowski
Goveas, Len Effect of Dissolved Gas on the Behaviour of Fine-Grained Soils in Excavations near Sarnia, Ontario PhD R.K. Roweand A. Take
Grant, Gavin (Completed '00) TCE Destruction by Reactive Iron MSc B. Kueper
Gregg, Ryan Performance of Two full-Scale Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls M.AS R. Bathurst
Gudina, Simon Wrinkles in Geomembranes Under Large Vertical Pressures PhD R. Brachman
Guerard, Ben  
(Completed '03)
Development of a Modified Rockmass Classification System for Underground Mining Stability Assessment MSc J. Hutchinson&
M. Diederichs


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Halbich, T. (Completed '97 - UCT)   The Mobility of Metals in Acid Mine Drainage from Abandoned Coal Mines, Mpumalanga, South Africa MSc H. Jamieson
Hansen, Scott (completed '12) Dissolution of Multi Component DNAPLs MSc B. Kueper
Hinin, N. (Completed '00)  Ballasted and Ballastless Rail Track PhD G.  Raymond
Hoor, Azadeh Thermal behaviour of landfill lining system PhD R.K. Rowe
Huang, Bing Quan(completed, '10) LRFD for Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls PhD R. Bathurst
Hurst, Paul Performance of GCLs exposed to Jet fuel A-1 between +20 and -20°C MSc R.K. Rowe


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Irfan, Huma (completed '13) Physical performance of geomembranes used in heap leach pads MSc K. Rowe
Iryo, Tatsuo  Steep Reinforced Slopes Constructed Using Marginal Backfill PhD R.K. Rowe
Islam, Mohammad Zahirul (completed '09) Long-term performance of hdpe geomembranes as landfill liners PhD R.K. Rowe


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Jaggard, Heather ('12) Mineralogical characterization of tailings and respirable dust from lead-rich mine waste and its control on bioaccessibility MSc H. Jamieson
James, Rhonda Strai/Load on Geogrid Reinforcement of Aggregates Below Shallow Footings MSc G. Raymond
Jeong, Ho-Young   Numerical simulations of stresses under stockpiled mass over ground with or without a loadout tunnel (University of Western Ontario) PhD I. Moore
Josic, Ljiljana   (Completed '01) Complex Permittivity of Water and Soil Contaminated by Heavy Metals and Organic Compounds M.E.Sc K. Rowe(with J.Q. Shang, UWO)
Jundis, Richard Numerical Modeling and Centrifuge testing of Paste Backfill MSc S.D. McKinnon, J.F. Archibald


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Kakhi, Shahriar (completed '13)   MEng K. Novakowski
Kaewsong, Raejee   MSc A. Take
Kalinovich, Indra Geotextile and granular filters for the Remediation of arctic pcb contaminated soils PhD R.K. Rowe& A. Rutter
Karim, M.  Estimating Ground Deformations for Tunnelling in Sand PhD R. Brachman(with C.D. Martin, UofA)      
Kavalench, J. (completed '10) Remediation of arsenic-rich tailings in Nova Scotia MSc H. Jamieson
Kennedy, Matt Finite element calculations of hydraulic fractureing during horizontal directional drilling MSc I. Moore& G. Skinner
Kianoosh, Hatami
Effect of Reservoir Boundaries on Seismic Response of Gravity Dams PhD (Post Doc) R. Bathurst
Kjelland, Neil Constraints on GIS-based Decision Support systems for Slope Stability Analysis via Geotechnical Modelling MSc M. Diederichs& J. Hutchinson
Konzuk, Julie (Completed '01)  Two-Phase Flow in Rock Fractures PhD B. Kueper
Krushelnitzky, Ryan QA/QC Testing of Thermal Fusion Seam in HDPE PhD R. Brachman
Kryger, Peter  The Effect of Organic Carbon on Contaminant Transport in Fractures MSc K. Novakowski


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Laidlaw, Trudy C.
(Completed '99)
Influence of Local Support on Corrugated HDPE Pipe MEng  
Lange, Karina (completed '09) Assessment of Metal attenuation in Geosynthetic Clay Liners using bulk and microspectroscopic techniques PhD K. Rowe&
H. Jamieson
Langer, Vera (Completed '00)  Sorption of TCE on Stylolites PhD K. Novakowski (with U of Manitoba)
Langille, C. (Completed '99)  Observations of Shotcrete Support in Underground Hardrock Mines: A Study of Static and Dynamic Loading Effects on the Effectiveness of Shotcrete Support MASc J.F. Archibald
Lanyon, R. (Completed '97 -UCT)   Arsenic Dispersion Associated with Gold Mining, Barbeton, South Africa MSc H. Jamieson
Lapcevic, Pat (Completed '97)   Tracer Experiments Conducted in a Discrete Horizontal Fracture MSc K. Novakowski (with U of Waterloo)
Lapos, Brian Laboratory study of static pipe bursting. Three dimensional ground displacements and pull force during installation, and subsequent response of HDPE replacement pipes under surcharge loading MSc I. Moore
Lato, Matt (completed '10) Geotechnical applications of lidar pertaining to geomechanical evaluation and hazard identification PhD J. Hutchinsonand M. Diederichs
Law, Michael Behaviour of tight fitting flexible pipe liner under earth loads PhD I. Moore
Lay, Geoff (completed '12)   MASc R. Brachman
Lee, Claudine (completed '05) Potential for sequestration of CO2in kimberlite processed fines, EKATI Mine, NWT MSc H. Jamieson
Leung, Simon Reduced-scale modelling of geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls MSc R. Bathurst
Levison, Jana (completed '09)   PhD K. Novakowski
Li, Matt
(completed '01)
The Family of Compaction Curves for fine-grained soils and their Engineering Behaviours PhD (post Doc) K. Rowe(U of AB)
Lindsay, Heather Permeation of Hydrocarbons through HDPE and F-HDPE Geomembranes MSc K. Rowe
Liu, Kaiwen (Kevin) 2D and 3D modeling of reinforced embankments on soft soil PhD R.K. Rowe
Long, Larry Geotechnical Design of a Ramp System in Kimberlites MSc S.D. McKinnon
Longino, Tina (Completed '98) Nonwetting Phase Mobilization in Rock Fractures PhD  B. Kueper
Lougheed, Andrea Christine (completed '08) profile of Andrea Limit states testing of a buried deepcorrugated large-span box culvert MSc R. Brachman&
I. Moore
Lunn, Stuart (Completed '98)  Alcohol Flooding in Porous Media PhD B. Kueper


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Mabrouk, Ahmed (completed '12) The analysis of a deep excavation in a gassy soil PhD R.K. Rowe
MacDougall, Katrina (Completed '14) Behaviour and design of reinforced concrete pipes MSc I. Mooreand N. Hoult (GHD, Toronto)
Mai, Van Thien, (completed '13) (Geoterre, Toronto Assessment of deteriorated corrugated steel culverts MSc I. Mooreand N. Hoult
Mann, Vanessa (completed '13)   PhD K. Novakowski
Mantegh, Afshin
(Completed '01)
Evaluation of site investigation techniques for geological hazard assessment for new pipes installed using trenchless technology techniques MSc J. Hutchinson, M. Knight (U of W)
Matthew, Justin (completed '09)   MSc B. Kueper
McIsaac, Reagan Biologically Induced Clogging in an Unsaturated Leachate Collection Layer PhD K. Rowe
McLeod, Heather Anne (completed '08)
profile of Heather
Field measurements of surface displacements from pipe bursting MSc R. Brachman& I. Moore
McLaughlin, Julienne Land use planning in the Northwest Territories MES H. Jamiesonand G. Whitelaw
McWatters, Rebecca (completed, '10) Diffusion of Landfill Gases Through Barrier Systems PhD R.K. Rowe
Meldrum, Joanna (Completed '98)  Permafrost Disposal of Mine Tailings, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut MSc H. Jamieson& L. Dyke
Meleschuk, Jennifer T.B.D. MSc R. Bathurst
Mercer, R. (Completed '99)  The Quantitative Analysis of Integrated Seismic and Numerical Modelling Data at Creighton Mine, Sudbury, Ontario PhD J.F. Archibald
Miles, Owen (Completed '13) MASc K. Novakowski
Moodie, S. (Completed '98)  Metals in Northern Watersheds: A Conceptual Framework for Community Monitoring and Assessment of Mine Impacts Using Indicators of Aquatic Health MSc H. Jamieson
Morin, Mario (Completed '01) A Road Map for an Integrated Computerized Underground Mine Design/Planning System PhD S.D. McKinnon,
C. Pelley,
L. Daneshmend
Mukunoki, Toshifumi Effect of temperature BTEX diffusion and sorption through geocomposite liners PhD (Post Doc) K. Rowe
Munro, Scott Measurement of backfill effects on circumferential bending in lined-corrugated thermoplastic pipes and fibre reinforced cement pipes MSc I. Moore&
R. Brachman
Murdock, Joe Behaviour of eccentric/inclined loaded footings on geogrid reinforced aggregate MSc G. Raymond
Murray, Chris (completed '13) Dynamic Monitoring of Rail and Bridge Displacements using Digital Image Correlation MSc A. Take & N. Hoult
Muzin, Joanne (Completed '97)  DNAPL Migration in Fracture Networks MASc B. Kueper
Mwanang'onze, Hanakumbo Thermal Response of HDPE Pipes MSc I. Moore


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Naftel, Steve Synchrotron Analysis of As in Plants PDF (post doc) H. Jamieson& D. Lefebvre
Nkemitag, Michael Numerical investigation of ground movements and pulling forces during static pipe bursting PhD I. Moore


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Oghabi, Pegah (Completed '14) Experimental response of a pile in sand under static and cyclic lateral loads MSc I. Moore(S. and P. Toronto)
Oxtobee, Jamie  (Completed '01) Modeling the Discharge of Groundwater into 20 Mile Creek MSc K. Novakowski


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Paudyn, Krysta Investigation and Implementation of a Hydrocarbon Contaminant Remediation Solution in the Canadian Arctic MSc K. Rowe
Peters, Stephen (completed '11) Use of transparent soil to model the unsaturated flow characteristics of one-dimensional infiltration with air entrapment MSc G. Siemens(RMC)
Philip, A. (completed '07) A review of treatment technologies for arsenic contaminated groundwater in Bangladesh MES H. Jamieson
Phillips, Chris (Completed '01)  An investigation of seismic Rayleigh waves for material characterization and underground void detection MSc J. Hutchinson(with
G. Cascante, U of Waterloo)
Pierce, M. (Completed '97)  Laboratory and Numerical Analysis of the Strength  and Deformation Behaviour of Paste Backfill MSc J.F. Archibald
Poon, Eric Chin Hang (Completed '15) Vitrified clay pipe joint behaviour under differential ground movement MASc I. Moore
Potvin, Joshua (completed '13) Field monitoring of sensitive clay landslides MASc A. Take
Poustovetov, Alexei Thermodynamic Modelling of Acid Mine Waters PDF (post doc) H. Jamieson
Putzlocher, Bob    Rates of DNAPL Migration MSc B. Kueper


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Quinn, Pete (completed '09) Managing the risk associated with landslides in sensitive clays affecting linear infrastructure PhD K. Rowe, J. Hutchinson, M. Diederichs


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Rahman, Kazi (Completed '13) (KGS, Winnipeg, MB) Three dimensional finite element analysis of static pipe bursting PhD I. Mooreand R. Brachman
Reimer, K. (Completed '98)  Application of Soilcover 4.01 to Model Soils as Cover Material to Minimize Acid Rock Drainage at Westmin Resources, Gibraltar Mine. MSc H. Jamieson
Reitsma, Stan (Completed '97)  Non-equilibrium Compositional Simulation PhD B. Kueper
Regier, Caleb (Completed '15) Investigation of the failure mechanisms of intact and deteriorated culverts MASc N. Hoult & I. Moore
Rentz, Amy (Completed '15) Long term effects of exposure on a composite liner system PhD R. Brachman
Reynolds, Dave (Completed '01) Numerical Simulation of DNAPL Migration in Fractured Media PhD B. Kueper
Rimal, Santosh Aging of Geosynthetic Liners PhD K. Rowe
Robinson, Claire The Role of Jarosite and Copiapite in the Chemical Evolution of Acid Drainage Waters, Richmond Mine, Iron Mountain, California MSc H. Jamieson
Rodriguez, David (completed '12) Use of thermal conductive heating to remediate fractured bedrock PhD B. Kueper
Rollo, Andrew (completed '03) Mineral-water interaction in processed kimberlite fines at EKATI Diamond Mine, NWT MSc H. Jamieson
Rotea, Alma Interpretation of Pumping Tests Conducted in Vertically Fractured Media MSc K. Novakowski
Roy-Perreault, Andr&#233anne Transport of PCBs Pickering emulsions in porous media MSc B. Kueper
Ruest, M. (Completed '98)  Optimisation of Hanging Wall Cable Bolt Reinforcement at Complexe Bousquet Using Smart Cable Technology MSc J.F. Archibald


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Sabir, Ali (completed '11) Assessment of physical issues related to the service life of high-density polyethylene geomembranes PhD R. Brachman
Saiyar Sarai, Masoumeh (completed '11) (C-CORE, St. John's, NL) Behaviour of buried pipes subjected to differential ground movement (including frost action) PhD I. Mooreand A. Take
Santamaria, C. Fluid and Soil Buckling of Polymer Manholes MSc R. Brachman(with U of Alberta)
Sealey, Heather Arsenic Mobility in Arctic wetlands MSc H. Jamieson
Sheppard, Amanda (completed '13) Thawing permafrost in silt rich soils MSc A. Take
Siemiatycki, E. (completed '08) Considerations in Intervention Design to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution from Cooking with Biomass MES H. Jamieson&
G. van Loon
Simpson, Bryan (Completed '13) Behaviour of deteriorated pipes rehabilitated with grouted slipliners MASc I. Mooreand N. Hoult(Hatch Mott MacDonald, Calgary)
Skinner, Graeme  Reinforced Walls on Yielding Foundations PhD K. Rowe
Smith, Evan (completed '09)   MSc M. Diederichs
Southen, Jon Thermally Driven Moisture Movement Within And Beneath Geosynthetic Clay Liners PhD K. Rowe
Stephenson, Kyle   The Effect of Double Porosity on Pulse Interference Tests MSc K. Novakowski
Swartz, Howard (completed '13) Water pipe repair to reduce energy usage MEng Y. Fillionand I. Moore


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Taechakumthorn, Chalermpol Time-Dependent Behaviour of Reinforced Embankments and Steep slopes on Rate-Sensitive Structured Soils PhD R.K. Rowe
Taleb, Bahaa   (Completed '00)  Behavior of large-span-metal and concrete culverts under earth and live loadings PhD I. Moore
Tan, Zheng Nonlinear finite element study of deteriorated rigid sewers including the influence of erosion voids MSc I. Moore
Thorpe, Jason (completed '08) Ground Movements during Tunneling MSc Eng R. Brachman& A. Take
Trickey, Susan Three dimensional finite element modeling of buried pipes including frost action MSc I. Moore


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Van Gulck, Jamie   Biodegradation and Clogging in Gravel Size Material PhD K. Rowe
Verge, Ashley (completed '12) An advisory System for Landfill Design MASc K. Rowe
Vlachopoulos, Nicholas (completed '09) Support issues associate with the tunnelling through the weak rock masses of the Egnatia Odos, Greece. PhD M. Diederichs


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Walden, Zoey (completed '10) Metal compounds in Household Dust MES H. Jamieson
Walker, Steve R.  (completed '06) Characterization of Arsenic-Bearing Mine Waste at Giant Mine, Yellowknife, NWT PhD H. Jamieson
Walters, Dave (Completed '98)  Optimum Depth of Long Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Granular Foundation Soil Below Surface Footing MSc G. Raymond
Wang, Yu (completed '13) (EBA Eng., Nanaimo, BC) Analysis and design to prevent joint leakage MSc I. Moore
Wemp-McKenzie, Ashley (completed '13) Numerical simulation of thermal conductive heating in fractured bedrock MSc B. Kueper
West, Anthony Capture Zones in Complex Heterogeneous Media PhD K. Novakowski
West, Mike (completed '09)   PhD B. Kueper
Wilson, Dan (Completed '14) Investigation of the failure of large-diameter cast-iron water mains using a stochastic, physical model MASc I. Moore & Y. Fillion (AECON)
Wong, Sammy L. (Completed '02) Empirical and Finite Element Evaluation of Concrete Pipe Bedding Design Methods (University of Western Ontario) MESc I. Moore(with
E. Allouche)
Wortley, J.  Analysis of a Deep Excavation in a Stiff Till MEng R. Brachman
Wrye, Lori (completed '08) Speciation of arsenic-bearing soils near Giant Mine, Yellowknife MSc H. Jamieson


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Xia, Hongwei (completed '08) profile of Hongwei(EBA Engineering) Hydraulic fracturing and loss of drilling mud during horizontal directional drilling PhD I. Moore


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Yazicioglu, Beyza   Semi-Analytical Modeling of Bacterial Transport in Fractures. MSc K. Novakowski
Yazicioglu, Murat (Completed '05) Understanding surface crown pillar stability state over shallowly dipping stopes through numerical modelling MSc J. Hutchinson& M. Diederichs
Ye, Jianfei (completed '08) profile of Jianfei Soil-structure interaction associated with buried PVC sewers with vertical risers PhD I. Moore
Young, Nick (U of Waterloo)   Numerical Evaluation of Crown Pillar Stability MSc J. Hutchinson
Yu, Yan Modelling Leachate Characteristics and Clogging PhD R.K. Rowe


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Zarnani, Saman PhD R. Bathurst
Zhang, G.  Estimating Liquefaction Induced Ground Deformations from In-situ Tests PhD R. Brachman(with P.K. Robertston, U of Alberta)
Zhao, Cindy (completed '13) Evaluation of electrical resistance heating at the laboratory scale MSc B. Kueperand K. Mumford
Zhou, J.    (Completed '99) Investigation of Nonlinear Elasticity and Analysis of Silo Filling (University of Western Ontario) MESc I. Moore