The GeoEngineering Centre, founded in 2001, is a collaborative venture between faculty members at Queen's University and the Royal Military College in Kingston.
Drawn from three different engineering departments at the two Universities, the Centre's members are dedicated to innovation and advancement of knowledge in geotechnical, geohydrological, geochemical, geomechanical and geosynthetics engineering.
Through the development of collaborative research projects, with involvement of government and industrial partners, the Centre provides exciting opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in specialized or multi-disciplinary fields of interest.

Brief History

The Centre was provisionally approved in the Fall of 2002, and received full approval as a Research Centre by the Board of Trustees at Queen’s University in November 2004. Other highlights of our history include:

  • Approval of our Collaborative Graduate Program in GeoEngineering by the Queen’s Senate in May of 2002, and by the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies in June of 2002; our first student graduated in 2003, and our 50th participant commenced in the Winter term, 2005
  • Commencement of our weekly GeoEngineering Seminar series in the Fall of 2002 (supported by Gartner Lee and AECOM between 2006 and 2010, and by Golder Associates since 2011)
  • Establishment of our new home on the first floor of Ellis Hall in July of 2004
  • The Victor Milligan Lecture series established in 2009 with funding from Golder Associates
  • Reapproval of our centre for a further five years in 2009

Newsletters from the last few years