Collaborative Graduate Program in GeoEngineering


The following information outlines the Collaborative Graduate Program in GeoEngineering that links the following three departmental OCGS accredited graduate programs to provide shared learning experiences with interdisciplinary content:

  • Civil Engineering (Queen's University)
  • Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering (Queen's University)
  • Royal Military College of Canada

The program is available to GeoEngineering doctoral students as well as both research and coursework masters students associated with the three department level graduate programs at Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada.


The GeoEngineering Graduate Program:

a) formally links graduate education in the area of GeoEngineering being undertaken in each of the four constituent masters and doctoral programs

b) expands education in this area and exposes students to multi-disciplinary issues, training and/or practice

c) offers education and a degree designation that identifies graduates as having specialized cross-discipline training in GeoEngineering

d) provides a coordinated list of graduate courses with a breadth and depth that promotes the training of GeoEngineering researchers and Professionals.

e) brings students from a variety of backgrounds together to learn about research and professional practice in these related fields

f) links our group of GeoEngineering graduate students and faculty members to form a graduate educational program that is unique in North America


GeoEngineering encompasses a range of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental problems of concern to Civil, Mining and Geological Engineers and Applied Scientists, enabling the management of the soil, rock and groundwater environment. GeoEngineers are involved with the engineering of earth and rock structures such as those associated with foundations, slopes, deep excavations, tunnels, solid waste landfills, and contaminated ground.

The effective solution of many of these problems requires a multidisciplinary approach, featuring the application of engineering mechanics and applied mathematics, materials science, geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry.

GeoEngineers are normally drawn from traditional fields such as Civil, Mining and Geological Engineering, though they may also come from other disciplines such as Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Software Engineering.


The Program management committee is comprised of one member from each of the constituent departments. That committee is currently Greg SiemensIan Moore, and Heather Jamieson.