CRESTech: Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology

The Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology (CRESTech) delivers research excellence to Canada's environmental, resource management, and space sectors. As a leading network for innovation, CRESTech is committed to developing marketable technology and contributing to the advancement of a sustainable economy.

Deadline for Core Research Proposals: September each year


Research Partnerships Program (RPP)

The Research Partnerships Program (RPP) comprises a number of grant types that have a common purpose in promoting closer collaboration between the university research community and other sectors, including government and, most notably, Canadian industry. This purpose is achieved through the support of high-quality research with societal or industrial relevance, and the transfer of the results to Canadian-based organizations. The partners and other potential users must possess (or have the potential to acquire) the capacity to apply the research results so as to benefit the Canadian economy. Possible RPP grants include Strategic Projects, Research Networks, Collaborative Research and Development and the Technology Partnerships Program. Details of these funding opportunities, along with others where industrial funding contributes to faculty positions, can be found on NSERC's web site at:

Industrial PostGraduate Scholarship (IPS)

NSERC's IPS program provides financial support, in conjunction with an interested company, for up to two years to highly qualified natural science and engineering graduate students who are collaborating with industry while studying for an advanced degree.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

IRAP is designed to help small and medium sized Canadian businesses meet the technological challenges they face in delivering new products, processes or services.

Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT) The OIT was created to help Ontario's universities, community colleges, hospitals and research institutions enhance the infrastructure needed for scientific research and technology development. With its focus on capital expenditures, the Trust is designed to complement the work of the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, which funds the human resources requirements of research. Matching grants are also provided by the Trust for projects in Ontario supported by the federal government's Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

CFI's goal is to strengthen the capability of Canadian universities, amongst others, to carry out world-class research and technology development. By investing in research infrastructure projects, the CFI supports research excellence and helps strengthen research training at institutions across Canada.

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