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"Field Measurements of Ground Displacements during Pipe Bursting/Splitting"

by:  Heather McLeod


The use of trenchless technologies, such as pipe bursting/splitting allows for the replacement of buried infrastructure to take place in urban areas with relatively minimal disturbance compared with open trenching techniques.  Pipe bursting/splitting involves pulling a bursting/splitting unit through the existing (or host) pipe causing fragmentation of the host pipe and expansion of the soil cavity.  The replacement pipe is then easily pulled into place.  Three dimensional ground heave can result during this process.  These displacements may cause damage to adjacent buried utilities or overlying structures.

A field program was carried out at the RCMP College in Ottawa, ON to monitor ground deformations during pipe bursting/splitting.  This presentation will discuss the results of the study including the observed surface displacements and the effects on the overlying pavement structure.  The factors believed to influence ground movements will be outlined, as well as plans for further field studies.      


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