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“The Field Scale Quantification Of Geomembrane Wrinkles"

By: Melissa Chappel


Wrinkles in a 1.5-mm-thick, textured, high-density polyethylene geomembrane on a 65-m-long slope inclined at 3 horizontal to 1 vertical were captured with aerial digital photography and quantified with digital image analysis.  For the particular date and time of day reported there were 2286 wrinkles with a height greater than 3 cm in a 65 m by 120 m area.  Most of these wrinkles had widths between 0.1-0.3 m and lengths less than 7 m.  However, there were a few very long wrinkle features that essentially extended the full length of the 65-m-long slope.  The percentage of the area occupied by the wrinkles increased with the distance from the top of the slope, reaching a maximum of 26% of the total area. 

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