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“Some Failures of the Geotechnical Variety”

By John Westland, P.Eng, Principal Golder Associates, Mississauga

The presentation will provide case studies of geotechnical failures that the speaker, John Westland, of Golder Associates has investigated during his career. Both Ultimate Limit State Failures and Serviceability Limit State Failures will be presented and discussed. The examples range from an urban sinkhole that almost swallowed children, to the leaning dream home of Gull Lake.

John Westland is a geotechnical engineer with Golder Associates where he has practised for 29 years. John has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in applied science from an unnamed university that is about 300 kilometers west of Kingston. However he has a softening heart for Queen’s Engineering because a close relative of his is in the Computer Engineering Class of 2017.

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