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GENG840 GeoEngineering Seminar Course Schedule

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Winter 2008

Date Time Presenter/Subject Location
Jan 23 4PM David Woeller, Conetec, "Seismic Dilatometer Testing (SDMT) for Geotechnical Design" McLaughlin 306
Jan 30 4PM

no seminar tonight

McLaughlin 306
Feb 6 4PM

Student presentations
1. Tamer Elshimi, "Numerical Analysis Of Axially Loaded Bore-In-Situ Piles In Sand"

2. Melissa Chappel, “The field scale quantification of geomembrane wrinkles

3. Ali Sabir, "Preliminary assessment of the physical response of a Double Composite liner"

McLaughlin 306
Feb 13 4PM Vern Singhroy PhD. PEng,
Senior Research Scientist, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing " InSAR monitoring of landslides in Canada"
McLaughlin 306
Feb 20 4PM
James Blatz, Assoc. Professor & Assoc. Head Civil Engineering University of Manitoba, "Geotechnical Considerations with Design of the Red River Floodway Expansion"
McLaughlin 306
Feb 27 no seminar tonight
March 5 4-8pm Student competition, details Vanier bldg, room 131, University of Ottawa
March 12 4PM Andrew Rollo, "Buyat Bay:  A Case Study in Environmental Relations" McLaughlin 306
March 19 4PM

Student presentations
1. Heather McLeod, "Field Measurements of Ground Displacements during Pipe Bursting/Splitting"

2. Raejee Kaewsong, "Pile subjected to lateral spreading due to earthquake"

3. Zahirul Islam, "Effect of HDPE geomembrane thickness on the depletion of antioxidants"

McLaughlin 306
March 26 4PM

Student presentations
1. Mohamed El-Taher "Finite Element Study Of Corroded Metal Culvert Stability"

2. Bee Fong Lim, “Undrained Shear Strength of Soft Bangkok Clay at Elevated Temperatures”

3. Kazi Rahman, "Settlement Prediction on the Basis of a 3D Subsurface Model" Case study: Reeuwijk area, the Netherlands

McLaughlin 306
Apr 2 4PM McLaughlin 306
Apr 9 4PM John Gartner, P.Eng, P.Geo, Co-Founder of Gartner Lee, Limited Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo, "Confessions of a Consultant " McLaughlin 306
Apr 16 4PM Giovanni Cascante, University of Waterloo, "Non-destructive Testing of Civil Infrastructure Using Mechanical Waves" McLaughlin 306
Fri, Apr 25 11AM Tarek Abdoun, Assoc. Prof. & Assoc. Director Geotechnical Centrifuge Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, "Physical Modeling of Critical Infrastructure systems Subjected to Natural Hazards" BioSciences 1120
Apr 30 4PM Andrew J. Whittle, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT "What Caused the Collapse of the Nicoll Highway, Singapore?" McLaughlin 306
May 21 4PM

Jayantha Kodikara, Associate Professor, Geomechanics Group, Dept. of Civil Engineering
Monash University, Victoria, Australia "Modelling of Geo-structures Subject to Climate Forcing"

Ellis 327


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