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GENG840 GeoEngineering Seminar Course Schedule

**NEW: Winter schedule

Date Time Presenter/Subject Location
Sep 12 1:30-3:30PM Ian Moore, Meeting with students to discuss the course and student presentations
Walter Light 210
Sep 19 2:00-3:30PM Heather Jamieson, "Managing Diamond Mine Tailings in the Canadian Arctic" Walter Light 210
Sep 26 2:30-3:30PM Dan Breeze, Golder Associates, "Anchored Caisson Wall Slope Stabilization of a Section of the Welland Canal" Walter Light 210
Oct 3 2:00-3:30PM Jack Clark, CGS Cross Canada Lecture Tour "Geotechnical Aspects of Arctic Gas Pipelines" Walter Light 210
Oct 10 2:00-3:30PM 2 Student Presentations:
1. Cathy Banton
2. Simon Gudina
Walter Light 210
Oct 17 2:00-4:00PM Dr. Kerry Rowe, case study Walter Light 210
Oct 23 5:00-6:00PM Dr. Harry Poulos, Professor Civil Engineering Sydney University, "The Critical Role of Ground Characterisation for Foundation Deformation Prediction"" Mac-Corry E229
Oct 31 1:30-3:30PM 2 Student Presentations:
1. Yan (Paul) Cui
2. Andréanne Roy-Perreault
Walter Light 210
Nov 14 1:30-3:30PM Jean Hutchinson, "Vimy Ridge" Walter Light 210
Nov 21 1:30-3:30PM Joanna Meldrum, Exponent Analysis, "Failure Analysis" Walter Light 210
Nov 28 1:30-3:30PM 2 Student Presentations:
1. Paul Hurst
2. Joe Murdock
Walter Light 210

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