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Current Graduate Students


2010 -  
Mr. Jeffery Oke, Optimization of Temporary Support Structures Relating to Weak Rock Masses.
2013- Mr. Ioannis Vazaios. Probabilistic Approach to Geotechnical Risk for Tunnelling Projects.

Masters Degree

2015 - 2Lt Daniel Cruz. Physical Testing associated with performance of Ground Support Elements.
2014 - Maj. Peter Glaicar. Optimizing Infrastructure Contracts within the CF. Masterse of Defence Studies.
2014 -    
Captain Stephen Holt. Physical Testing of Ground Support Elements.
2013 -
Mr. Brad Forbes. Monitoring the Performance of Support Elements using Fibre Optic Technology.
2013 - Maj. Rob Knapik. Investigation into the technical training of Military Engineers within the Canadian Forces. (Masters of Defence Studies)
2012 - Ms. Jad Robitaille. Performance of Systems within Green Buildings; Investigation into passive technologies and building envelope.

Past Graduate Students

PhD Degree (1)

2010 - 2013
Mr. C. Langford, Probabilistic Approach to Geotechnical Risk for Tunnelling Projects. Co-Supervisor

Masters Degree (3)

2010 - 2014 Mr.  David Thebault, Monitoring and Quantification of Energy Savings associated with Green Building Technologies - LEED focused.
2010 - 2013
Ms. Tina Basso, An Investigation into Sustainable Building Evaluation Strategies for use within the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence.
2011 - 2012
Ms. Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou, Time-dependant behaviour associated with underground works in weak rocks. Co-Supervisor - upgraded to PhD.

Post-Doctoral Candidates

2014 -
Dr. Bryan Tatone, Simulatin rock-reinforcement interaction using advanced numerical methods.
2007 - 2008 Dr. Steve Vardy. Sustainable Development and Green Buildings





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