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Heather Jamieson's students

Current Graduate Students:

MES = Masters of Environmental Studies. All other students in Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, unless indicated.

Status, current position
PhD (Sole Supervisor), S. Fawcett 
Geochemical controls on antimony mobility
Completed, Feb 2009, now at Lorax, Vancouver
PhD (Co-supervisor with R.K. Rowe) K. Lange
Assessment of Metal attenuation in Geosynthetic Clay Liners using bulk and microspectroscopic techniques
Completed, Apr 2009, now at Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
MSc (Sole supervisor) H. Sealey
Arsenic Mobility in Arctic wetlands
In progress
MSc (Sole supervisor) J. Kavalench
Remediation of arsenic-rich tailings in Nova Scotia
In progress
MSc (Sole supervisor) L. Wrye
Speciation of arsenic-bearing soils near Giant Mine, Yellowknife
Completed, Sept 2008
PhD (Co-supervised with M. Parsons) S. de Sisto
Mobility of arsenic and lead in hardpans in gold mine tailings
In progress
MSc (Sole supervisor) M. Drysdale
Assessing the respiratory bioaccessibility of nickel in surface soils in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Completed, July 2008

MES (Sole supervisor) Z.  Walden
Metal compounds in Household Dust
In progress

MES (Sole supervisor) R. Brunt (in progress)
Policy development incorporating bioaccessibility in human health risk assessment

In progress

MES (Co-supervisor with G. Whitelaw) P. Carey
Mining and Canada’s National Parks—Policy Options: A Case study of Nahanni National Park Reserve
Completed July 2008, Ontario Min. of Environment
MES (Co-supervisor with G. van Loon) E. Siemiatycki
Considerations in Intervention Design to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution from Cooking with Biomass
Completed, July 2008, Law student, McGill

MSc (Co-supervisor with P. Champagne) E. Clyde
The applicability of passive treatment systems for the mitigation of acid mine drainage at the Williams brothers mine, Mariposa county, California: Bench- and Pilot-scale studies

Completed January 2008, Ecometrix, Mississauga

MES (Sole supervisor) A. Philip
A review of treatment technologies for arsenic contaminated groundwater in Bangladesh
Completed 2007
O’Connor Associates, Calgary

MSc (Co-supervisor with M. Parsons) C. Craigen
Factors controlling the mobility of arsenic in abandoned gold mine tailings, Nova Scotia

Completed 2006
AMEC, Mississauga

PhD (Sole Supervisor), S. Walker
Characterization of arsenic-bearing mine waste at Giant Mine, Yellowknife

Completed 2006
Postdoctoral Fellow

MSc (Co-supervisor with M. Parsons) M. Corriveau
Characterization of arsenic-bearing near-surface and airborne particulates from gold-mine tailings in Nova
Completed 2006, SRK Consulting Sudbury

MSc (Sole Supervisor), C. Andrade
Arsenic cycling and speciation in mining-impacted sediments and pore-waters from Yellowknife Bay, Great Slave Lake, NWT

Completed 2006, Klohn Crippen Berger, Vancouver

MSc (Sole Supervisor), C. Lee
Evaluation of the potential use of processed kimberlite to sequester CO2, Ekati Diamond Mine, NWT, Canada
Completed 2005, Dillon Consulting, Calgary
PhD (Co-supervisor, at University of Ghana) T. Akabzaa
Evaluation of Metal Leaching and Rock Drainage Risks in the Nsuta-Tarkwa-Bogosu-Prestea Mining Axis, Southwestern Ghana
Completed  2005, Lecturer, Univ. of Ghana

MSc, (Sole Supervisor), H.A. Rollo
Mineral-water interaction in the Long Lake Containment Facility at Ekati Diamond Mine

Completed 2003, Lorax Environmental., Vancouver

MSc (Sole Supervisor), C. Robinson
 The role of copiapite and hydronium jarosite in the evolution of acid mine waters from Iron Mountain, California

Completed 2000
PhD, Dalhousie University, NS

MSc (Sole Supervisor) J. Meldrum
Determination of the sulphide oxidation potential of mine tailings from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, at sub-zero temperatures
Completed 1998
Exponent Ltd. Palo Alto, CA
MSc, Mining Engineering (Co-supervisor with U. Bickis) S. Moodie
Metals in northern watersheds: A conceptual framework for community monitoring and assessment of mine impacts using indicators of aquatic health
Completed 1998
PhD John Hopkins
MSc, Mining Engineering (Sole Supervisor) K. Reimer
Application of Soilcover 4.01 to model soils as cover material to minimize acid rock drainage at Westmin Resources, Gibraltar Mine
Completed 1998
Gartner Lee, Brampton
MSc (Co-supervisor with V. Remenda) C. Corrigan
Characterization of secondary minerals forming at fracture surfaces in aquitards
Completed 1998
UMA Engineering


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