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Research Directors Areas of Expertise
James Archibald Geomechanics and Geosynthetics
Richard Bathurst Geotechnical and Geosynthetics
Richard Brachman Geotechnical, Geoenvironmental and Geomechanics
Mark Diederichs Geotechnical and Geomechanics
Georgia Fotopoulos Geomatics and Geodesy
Mike Hulley Geoenvironmental and Hydrogeology
Jean Hutchinson Geotechnical and Geomechanics
Heather Jamieson Geochemistry and Geoenvironmental
Bernard Kueper Geoenvironmental and Hydrogeology
Steve McKinnon Geomechanics and Geotechnical
Ian Moore Geotechnical, Geosynthetics and Geomechanics
Kevin Mumford Hydrogeology and Geoenvironmental
Kent Novakowski Geoenvironmental and Hydrogeology
Gerald Raymond Geotechnical and Geosynthetics
Vicki Remenda Hydrogeology and Geoenvironmental
Kerry Rowe Geoenvironmental, Geosynthetics and Geotechnical
Greg Siemens Geotechnical and Geosynthetics
Andy Take Geotechnical, Geosynthetics and Geomechanics
Nicholas Vlachopoulos Geotechnical, Geoenvironmental and Geomechanics
Associate Research Directors  
Dave Gauthier Geotechnical and Geomechanics
Associate Members  
Don DeGroot Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Rob Harrap Geographical Information Systems, Hazard Mapping
John Poland Environmental Assessment and Remediation
Ken Reimer Environmental Assessments and Biotechnology
Allison Rutter Environmental Remediation and Analysis
Mark Talesnick  
Stephen Walker Geochemistry and Geoenvironmental


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