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Collaborative Project on the Long-Term Performance of Barrier Systems

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Queen's liner test site 1 12 of 50 GLLS
Queen's landfill liner test site

12 of the 50 Geosynthetic landfill liner
simulators (GLLSs)

Practical Model for LCSs

Download Landfill Advisor, a decision support system for landfill design
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The Geoengineering Centre at Queen's - RMC is undertaking a major collaborative project examining a range of issues related to the long-term performance of geomembranes (GMs) and geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) used in liner systems for applications such as  municipal solid waste landfills and  heap leach pads used for resource recovery. A particular focus is on both how long these stems will last and on how well they will provide environmental protection from emerging contaminants of concern. An integrated project team with direct funding from Federal and Provincial agencies and industry and in-kind contributions and collaborations from regulatory and industrial partners is investigating these issues through a combination of field, laboratory and theoretical modelling.  Papers arising from this work can be accessed directly from this web page as they are published.  Papers in press are also listed but can not be downloaded directly until published. 



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